Holiday in Cambodia

It has come to my attention that this blog is really sad and depressing. So instead of exposing all of the trauma that comes with sex trafficking I would like to talk about the incredible things a non for profit in Cambodia is doing to assist young victims of sex trafficking in the healing process.

I was able to go to Cambodia this past summer. While there, I was surrounded by young girls who were being sold out in the open in Karaoke bars. I could see the hurt in their eyes and the feeling that no one cared. Soon hope came.

The group I was in mainly went down with an organization called Rapha house. They help victims of sex trafficking through the healing process along with providing shelter food and clothing they also have free counseling. I visited young recovering victims at Rapha and saw it. They played like any normal kid would. Rapha was able to stand in the way of their families who continued to pimp these girls out. Workers at this organization would no longer allow these girls to suffer. They had courage. Even when everyone else in their country labeled these girls as ruined or whores, these workers stood apart. They boldly loved and stood beside these girls. Hope came slowly but it was evident.

One could see the bright future each girl had thanks to Rapha House. Victims of trauma have a terribly tough time readjusting to normal life. They feel as if there is no hope. One can see how this would be very traitorous for one person but for a young child who is still developing it is unimaginable. Rapha sees this. They understand that this problem does not have an easy fix. They know these girls require love. A love that takes them where they are at no matter what they have gone through. This love is obvious for anyone observing Rapha house. I love this organization and know that they will continue to expand as long as we continue to support them in their work.