The space in between

Expanding from my depression blog, being a teenager can be a whirlwind adventure. You may even think about your life being on a roller coaster. You have ups and downs going at a speed that you just can not keep up with. You can even hear people telling you that you lead your life. From my experience that is only half true. In your life you choose where you go and what you do. But what about all of the “in between” stuff? You can not control what the people around you do, which may affect your plans for where you are headed.

From all of the downs that you experience, there is always a way to keep your chin up. When you think positively and do not let anything get you down, good things will happen and you will come out on top. That may require giving in to yourself though. You may not believe you need help, but if something terrible happens, you can not just be there for yourself. It may help if someone is there to take the pain off of your mind and maybe even help you through it.

What is great about being a teenager is that you learn from your mistakes and if you mess up, you can always fix it. But sometimes we do not know how to fix it. That is where we get our stress and drama. We make these mistakes and never feel any hope. We have to believe there is hope, though. Keep your chin high and smile as much as you can. Write notes to yourself that make you laugh out loud. Take the things and people who make you want to pull out your hair out of your life. It is not fair to you to have to deal with all of this drama if there is a way out. And there is – you must take yourself out of the drama, even if it means losing some people along the way. You just have to have the strength to walk away.