Love is simply love

This week was absolutely lovely. Not. I mean, it’s been lovely if you like sitting around thinking about things that irritate you and dwelling on the past for far longer than your time is actually worth, but I quite honestly don’t feel that way. So this week has been absolutely lovely in the most sarcastic sense of the word.

In genetics we’ve been talking about how there are some, but not nearly enough to be conclusive, results showing that homosexuality is hereditary. They have found five markers on the “X” chromosome that could have to do with whether or not a person has the possibility of being homosexual. Of course, environmental factors must always be taken into account when finding out if this is truly hereditary or not.

Then, my friend Jennifer was telling me about how her church decided to talk about homosexuality that week during youth group. Jen was really upset because one of her friends that was with her at church is bisexual and they were condemning it very harshly; some of the people even told her she could never go to Heaven because of how she feels towards women.

On top of that, I was talking to my mother about it all and she asked me if I was bisexual. I told her no and she said “good.” After a slightly awkward moment, she added on that she would still love me even if I was, but she was raised in a Catholic school and her views have been instilled for much of her life. My father is also very homophobic, which is kind of awkward in itself as one of my best friends is homosexual. But he and my dad tend to get along alright, probably because he and I have been friends for so long.

What really gets on my nerves are people like my brothers, who are very much against homosexuality, are extremely homophobic, and have absolutely no problem voicing their opinions even when they know it is harmful to others. Yes, I understand that people have the right to speak their minds. I just wish that they could use a little more common sense with who they’re talking to. Just like the girl at church, people sometimes feel attacked because of their sexuality.

If it really does turn out that it is genetic, I will have to laugh. I love when people can be open about who they are and how they feel, and I love watching them stand their ground when people go against their beliefs on the subject. Yes, this includes the people who are against homosexuality. There’s no harm in trying to change someone’s mind on the subject, but don’t tell someone they’re going to Hell or act like it’s an illness or be prejudiced towards them just because they think differently.

I will also love going to church and saying, “Actually, God made us this way. God made the world, He made people, He made DNA, and therefore logically, He made certain people homosexual. It isn’t siding with the devil or revolting against society, it’s just the way He made us.” And if it turns out not to be genetic, then so be it. I still don’t think it’s siding with the devil or revolting against society. It’s the way people are. Even animals interact homosexually. It is part of nature. Besides, who are we to judge whom people fall in love with anyway? Love is simply love.