District makes cuts to the budget

Recently, the district voted to spend on a reduced budget next year. As such, the district will also be reducing its spending in the next fiscal year. The changes include teacher, employee and program cuts district-wide. Currently, the district’s budget for this year (2011) is $171,895,626, according to Mr. Kevin Supple, the district’s chief financial officer. That number will be reduced by $7.3 million in 2012.

The cuts include spending for gifted programs. Spectra will lose $69,500 both at the high school and middle school level, making the total loss for the spectra department $139,000.

“The reductions in Spectra staffing at the high school level were made based on course enrollments. As such, it is anticipated these reductions will have minimal impact on students who are enrolled in Spectra classes. I firmly believe that all FHSD students deserve to have a quality education. The ongoing challenge is to provide this opportunity with the limited financial resources available,” said Mr. Supple.

School administrators district-wide will lose an amount of $408,500 from their salaries. Teachers will lose $4,619,140 spread out district-wide in salaries. A complete list of cut-backs can be viewed on the district board site.