So far away

I have not decided what is worse; moving away from everyone and everything that you have known your entire life, or watching the people you love move away from you. Both are not easy – ever. But there are ways to keep a smile on your face. When someone like that moves away from you, think of the positives. Technology has so many ways to make the world seem smaller: Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

I have always been the girl moving away from everybody. I do not know what it is like to be the one left behind. I will soon, though. One of my good friends, who I love with all of my heart, will be moving shortly. It is going to have a huge impact on me, but I have to not be so pessimistic about everything. If your friendship is strong with someone, you will see them again in your life. Make plans to keep in touch during the time they are gone. It will all be worth it in the end when they come back. At least, that is what I tell myself everyday to help myself.

Every time I think about my friend moving, it kills me inside more and more. I want to spend so much time with them before they move, but I do not want to seem dependent. When I found out, all I could think about was that they will not be here. I have to show them that I will stay strong and commit to calling them each day and video chatting with them a few times a week. We are planning all of these things to keep in touch until the day we get to see each other again.