Pierce the Veil

Now let me just begin this with the fact that I’m a sucker for good lyrics. A catchy beat may be enough for some of you, but I’m not that type of music lover. The best songs are beyond the superficial “yeah lets party!” message. Or better yet, the “I’m in a state of teenage angst and I hate everyone” message. Don’t get me wrong, both of those types of music can be good in the right setting, but the artists that stick had a talent for delving beyond the surface. A good song gets stuck in your head. A great song stains your soul. It’s story haunts you forever- whether or not that is a good thing is up to you.

If you have never heard of Pierce the Veil I would be a tad bit surprised. I would like to think a decent amount of people have at least heard of them. If you haven’t or if you have, but have just never listened to them then you’re in the right place. 🙂

Pierce the Veil is a sort of punk/rock with a hint of scream in it. But, don’t let that frighten you. If you don’t like screamo that is a-okay. You will still enjoy Pierce the Veil because they’re more than that. Vic, the lead singer, has a gorgeous voice. Also, they’re not the type of band that is more screaming than singing or a band where you can’t understand half of the words they’re singing. The screams simply add additional flare to the music. They don’t detract from it.

But, the main thing that separates Pierce the Veil from other bands is the lyrics. Their lyrics can speak to anyone who hears them and that is a rare talent. Such is why my favorite song by them is probably “Yeah Boy and Doll Face.” Within the song Vic sings, “Now the doctor’s dancing in while the ambulances sang, “Another boy without a sharper knife.”

Now, if you’re not exactly a poetry major I’ll decode that line for you. Vic is talking about a boy who tried to commit suicide, but the doctors see him as just another kid who didn’t accomplish his goal. This is something that if said improperly could possibly offend a lot of people, but the way it is say makes you imagine them as the boy who no one cared about. And people can relate to that. Everyone feels like they are forgotten or alone sometimes. But, there is a sort of redeeming quality within the song that makes you image that things go on – life gets better – people change.

At least that’s how I image it. But, I’ve always been an optimistic.

So, I would suggest that you all at the bare minimum look into the song “Yeah Boy and Doll Face.” Because it’s phenomenal. And those of you with taste will realize that Pierce the Veil is amazing and will be struck with the urge to run off into the sunset listening to their tunes.