Sensations win state title

The Sensations varsity dance team competed in the state championships on Saturday, Feb. 26 and placed first overall. The competition was held at Francis Howell Central, where the Sensations won first for their jazz routine and second for their hip-hop routine.

“I was in shock when I found out that we won since Sensations has never gotten a state title before,” said junior Hannah Greco.

The team has been working its way up to first place for years, according to Greco. Last year’s sate competition ended with the girls in second, and in 2009 they placed third. The team was able to take the state title on their own turf this year.

“It was definitely nice for us to be able to dance on our own gym floor since we are so familiar with it,” said Greco. “The judges were very unbiased, though, so we still won on our own.”

The girls competed against approximately 100 teams state-wide.

“I know we danced the best we ever have; our placing shows that,” said junior Danielle Grieve. “It was amazing to feel that.”

The Fort Zumwalt West Sensations dance team was able to beat the girls in hip-hop, and according to Greco, the two teams have been going at it all year.

“When we competed with [Fort Zumwalt West’s team] at each of our competitions, they would beat us, then we would beat them,” said Greco. “It went back and forth; we were pretty evenly matched.”

The Sensations also placed in nationals, but according to Greco, state is a bigger deal than nationals.

“With state, we are at home,” said Greco. “More people support us, and they understand a state title more than all the different national rankings.”

Not many fans would travel to Florida to see the team compete, but when the event is as close as Francis Howell Central, crowds show. Because of the home field advantage given to the girls, their friends and family had the convenience to come and support the team, according to Grieve.

“We by far had the largest crowd of fans; it was so fantastic to hear them cheering for us,” said Grieve.