And the award goes to

Every year at the the end of February, the movie industry is at the forefront of the press for the annual Academy Awards known as the “Oscars”. The original point of this ceremony was to honor the great achievements in cinema, but over the years, I have noticed that the media has taken these events and blown them out of proportion. From the analysis of the attendees best and worst dressed, to the talks afterwards of how terrible of a job the hosts did this year (and it was bad this year), the movies themselves don’t get the recognition they deserve.

I’m all for a good show, but that’s not why I watch the award shows in the first place. Getting awards for best picture or best actor are great achievements. Last year the film “The Hurt Locker” won best picture and was the first female-directed film to receive this award but I had never heard of this movie and thought, “If this film won, why wasn’t there any press about how good it was before?” Amidst all the paparazzi noise, the film was put in the shadows. It did get the credit it deserved, but only after the fact.

Before the Oscars this year, I was glad I had read about and seen most of the movies that were nominated for best picture, and “The King’s Speech” rightly deserved this achievement; it is a fantastic film. My only hope for the future is that the press would focus more on the movies they are being showcased instead of what actress Cameron Diaz was wearing to the event. I want to also mention that not only do the Oscars happen every time this year, but another award show called the Golden Raspberries happens too, which honors the worst movies in the industry. I recommend anyone to go and read the lists of the movies in the running for worst picture and just laugh at the fact that some of these movies even made it out of the editing room. This week I decided to give a list of best picture films that have won or have been nominated for you to watch, and, as always, enjoy.

  • “127 Hours”
  • “Lost in Translation”
  • “Crash”
  • “Finding Neverland”
  • “Little Miss Sunshine”
  • “Up in the Air”
  • “Frost/Nixon”
  • “Michael Clayton”