Acceptance needed

Girls, young and old, have had a terrible disease that has resulted in the death of many. This disease is known by girls all around the globe and is called insecurity. Any female must face this emotion at least once in her life. Some are able to defeat this emotion by learning how to control it. Others are not so lucky; these people eventually succumb to the unfortunate voice that constantly has them second guessing how they appear to others.

This disease has taken over the typical American teen. It is a master sweet talker that whispers into the ears of many, persuading them with phrases like “you will never be good enough” or “if only you looked like her or had her boyfriend.” Girls continue to hang their heads in shame as they believe this beast and take every word this emotion says as words sent from above. It is because of this emotion that has yet to be conquered that teens begin to search for their up and coming boyfriend who will make them feel confident and loved. Quick news flash: that boy will never come along. However, these young teens have not and will not believe this. They will continue to search for the older hot guy who will make them feel like the prettiest girl in the world

It is this exact mindset and actions that transforms an innocent young girl into what is seen as a “dirty old whore.” Victims of sex trafficking are lured into this mess by the one boy that notices them. The one boy that tells them they are cute and hot. Unfortunately, pimps have began to manipulate and prey on these particular emotions. They have discovered the correct formula that will give them a mindless love sick robot.

How can one stop this?

Girls become women by embracing their true beauty. Transformation is only possible when this teen chooses to be confident in who she is. It is this belief that makes a girl a woman. A woman struts down the street without a care in the world. She does not tear others down to boost her self esteem. She refuses to allow any man’s negative view on her appearance change who she really is. She is confident in who she is and does not need a man to back her up.

This is a woman. She is forever confident and carries herself with dignity.

The number of victims of sex trafficking will continue to grow as long as woman continue to decrease. It is the responsibility of females anywhere and every where to embrace their beauty and pass these virtues down to their daughters and granddaughters. By doing this, we change the status quo, we stop being victims and start becoming self sufficient survivors.