The time of our lives

It is nearly here. It is our third break off from school. The time when the days become warmer and the nights become longer. It is spring break. In my opinion, it is the best break because after the long and cold winter days, summer is finally approaching. The sun will be out, kids will be playing in their yards, and people will be out on their bikes. Just the thought of it excites me.

For teenagers, it is the time to put away the pants and hoodies and bring out the shorts and flip-flops. But what else is out there? For us teenagers it means sneaking out to go to some late night party somewhere you are not familiar with, and partying with people you do not know. How much fun could that be? I guess you think that all of the points I made will not matter if there is alcohol. That is where you need to draw the line. Alcohol can lead into many risks. You hear about the risk at school when they bring in guest speakers. You blow them off because you think that it will never happen to you. I know how that is. To me, it feels just like a movie. All of it is make-believe because you have never seen it happen in real life. That is just it, though. We do not keep a tight grip on reality.

Others lose someone close to them daily. It is a heartbreak, but it happens for a reason. What if you could prevent that reason? When you are out partying you would rather not think about the consequences. But each decision you make in your life can decide what happens to you next. It is a two letter word. We say it all the time and take the meaning for granted. Just saying no can save your life. If you get handed a beer, just say no. If they try to bring you into a closed room alone, just say no. It sounds silly and you do not want to look uncool, so instead you could make up an excuse to tell that person you do not want to do those things. You have to believe the people that sit you down when they tell you to never be in that position. They are professionals because they see teenagers like us involved with peer pressure everyday and want to prevent that from happening. We should be having the time of our lives. It is the time to be making the choices that will help us success in life. If you are ever in any situation that you do not feel comfortable in, tell the person an excuse about you not wanting to do it, or just say no.