One wild ride

Driving under the influence is the act of operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol. The problem is that most people who do not take drunk driving seriously, do not know the risk of drinking and driving. They are not only putting others at risk, but themselves at risk as well. Both state and national police are doing what they can by enforcing laws and prowling the streets for anyone who dares to be intoxicated while driving a vehicle.

The nature of this problem is alcohol. It is mostly the students of the high schools who do not take drunk driving seriously do not know how badly alcohol can affect you. It may damage your heart, brain activity, kidneys, eyesight, etc. Being in a car accident can be bad enough, but teenagers are only beginning their lives. When they do not think, they are not thinking of others as well. When you drive drunk, you are affecting everyone around you on the road.

The problem does, in fact, affect everyone around you. Others get into the car and do not think about the consequences of drunk driving. Most accidents involving more than two cars had someone at the wheel who was intoxicated. Some citizens, who may have been perfectly innocent, have been killed by people who are careless with their choices.

Some people are scared to go out driving during the day, even during the night. But who would blame them? Actions speak louder than words. The police have all realized that drunk driving is a very serious issue and have enforced the law stating that anyone who has a blood alcohol level above 0.8 percent on their 1st defense, their license will be taken away for 90 days.

The government enforces laws, but they are still being broken. Students do not take the law seriously until something tragic happens in their life. It should not have to come down to that. Watch the news, read the paper, look it up on the computer. There are laws for a particular reason. Mainly, for the safety of our loved ones.