Find out who your friends are

It’s been a very interesting week for me. I’ve truly been finding out who my friends are, behind my back and to their other friends. First of all, I’ve found out one of my friends is hypocritical towards some. He’s dating one of my friends, and he won’t let her have male friends, but he can have female friends. Then he gets frustrated when she tells her friends she loves them, which we all do (in class, in passing periods, when hanging out outside of school), but then he says it to me, and I have reason to believe he says it to others, as we tend to talk. Girls have to stick together, you know?

Then, he threw such a fit when she had another guy flirting with her, but I’ve seen him personally flirting with two girls and have heard there’s more. Everything he tells her doesn’t match up with what he tells me and our other friends. I don’t think he realizes we all talk about him behind his back, just as he talks about her and about us. But if he’s going to talk about us and we bring it to each other’s attention, we should be able to discuss it. They say girls always gossip, but if the guy’s going to start it and bring our names into it, then of course we’re going to gossip about it. We want the truth, which he obviously hasn’t given us.

I’ve been able to find out that between the three of us; there are three different stories, but I think the one I’ve gotten from him is correct, as it’s the most brutal, the one he would probably want to hide the most. We’ve all gotten different versions of the same story, so something is going on and he keeps altering it to fit the person he’s talking to. All of us end up entirely understanding of the situation he’s in until we find out he gave another person another reason not to believe him. He keeps the details from those who he thinks won’t understand and gives details that, while they may not be true, could be understandable in the circumstances surrounding the situation.

I don’t know what exactly is going on, but I don’t appreciate him lying to us. Eventually we’ll catch up to what it is, and you have my word that he’ll find out as soon as we do. This isn’t right, and he’s not going to continue lying to us.