Risks that need to be taken

From the looks of things, “Sucker Punch” is a pretty hard hit for director Zack Snyder. This past weekend, it was beaten out by the sequel to “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” at the box office and by the reviews a better movie in general too.

The guy who brought us the brutal battle of the 300 Spartans and the future cult classic “Watchmen” took an original idea of woman kicking butt in an explosive fantasy adventure, which looked cool on paper but probably looked better as a trailer than anything else. This situation comes up a lot in a director’s career, whether it’s the direction, the script or the actors, some films just turn out bad. But they move on and direct some of the Hollywood’s greatest films.

I am glad that risks like “Sucker Punch” are still taken, the concept looked different and got some people interested in it. If it wasn’t for the film risk of “Memento” by Christopher Nolan, we probably wouldn’t have movies like “Inception” or “The Dark Knight.” The first “Blade” film was able to gain the attention of audiences and producers launching the comic book movie genre into the skies. New ways should always be taken to create stuff, or else it will become like everything else in the mainstreams eyes these days: generic and simple. There are film festivals every year with new talent. I hope that people will not be discouraged by what the world looks at as interesting and put their original ideas out there.