Reaching beyond conformity

In our society today, I often feel as if blending in is more accepted than standing out, which is saddening to me. Perhaps it is because I have always felt like I couldn’t fit in the mold that people were pushing me into, but regardless of why, I cannot stand the thought of someone changing his or her views or opinions because of an outside force.

Such is how I feel about music as well. I don’t understand why musicians will try to fit themselves into the same genre as other popular artists. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to listen to five different bands that all sound the same. That’s pointless. And as I have said before, I crave variety.

Well, luckily for me, I stumbled upon a band that satisfied my craving. It’s called Innerpartysystem – yes, all all one word; I didn’t suddenly forget how to press the space bar. It’s Innerpartysystem and it has a kind of techno, indie, electronica feel to it. It is honestly hard to explain because I hadn’t and haven’t heard of anything like them since.

I literally did come across Innerpartysystem by accident. One day, I was just roaming around on YouTube and an Innerpartysystem video figuratively fell into my lap. The first song I listened to by it is called “Don’t Stop” and is both catchy and clever. The song basically makes fun of the entire Hollywood scene and all of the celebrity worshipping that occurs within it. I appreciate the message, for I feel like the youth of America often takes the opinions of celebrities into too much consideration. This is what hooked me onto Innerpartysystem because I love it when lyrics have meaning behind them. Empty words do nothing for me.

Another song by Innerpartysystem that captured my attention is “Structure.” It has a strange haunting sort of feel to it, and I could honestly listen to it on repeat.

Innerpartysystem is simply but another band that hasn’t received the recognition that it deserves. Such is why I highly recommend you at least taking a peak at it’s music. You won’t be disappointed.