Friends till the end

Being a teenager is hard enough. All you would like to do is get through life as easily as possible, but everyone knows that is not the way things go. Taking the easy way out of things is never the answer. What can get us through the day are the friends right beside you. You know that once you have a true friend, they are never going to go anywhere. They will always be by your side.

I have tried to be the person who does not want anyone to know what is wrong. I have also learned that friends care too much to let you go through the day being anti-social. They want to make sure everything is all right when you are down and will do everything they can to out a smile on your face. There is a reason why there is such thing as friends, and you will never know that reason until you need them most.

Some friends really are not friends at all. They are just people in our lives that we associate with. That is where trust comes in. Always trust in yourself, never second guess. You stick to that you will see who your real friends are. You do not need the people who are not important to you. All they may bring is drama, which is the last thing anybody needs. Keep your real friends close because you need them most; they will always be by your side.