Board election results are in

Tuesday, elections were held for the members of the Francis Howell School District Board of Education. There were eight candidates in the running for the board, including Mike Hoehn, Mike Sommer, Ronnie Johnson, Eric Seider, Eric Ewalt, Burt Biermann, Gary Miller and Mark Lafata, but only three seats available.

The seats available were those of incumbents Hoehn, Sommer and Lafata. After a total of 22,701 votes cast, all three of the incumbents won the elections and will keep their seats on the Board of Education.

Sommer had the highest percent of votes casted for him with 17.83 percent, followed by Lafata with 16.07 percent, Miller with 16.07 percent, Seider with 11.71 percent, Johnson with 10.82 percent, Biermann with 10.58 percent and Ewalt with 4.47 percent.