Reversing roles

Alison Comfort

May 15, 2013

On occasion, there are events that can show a person's true potential and highlight them as more tenacious than others once thought. Junior Brendan Brause, a track player who was reaching the pinnacle of his high school track career when he sustained a serious injury. Mr. Bob Breuer, a coach of the t...

Mr. Lober

Alison Comfort

May 6, 2013

I have always been lucky in the way of history teachers. They have always been engaging, interesting, and more importantly, they’ve always taught me what I needed to know and more. This year is no different. He begins every class by discussing current events, or asking what we’ve done over the ...

Lembeck’s personal milestone

Alison Comfort

April 23, 2013

April 20, the boys track team gathered at Ladue High School for another track meet. As the season continues, some are making their own personal records, one of them being sophomore Walter Lembeck. "Saturday, I ran a personal best in the two mile with a 10:06," Lembeck said. "It was a really competiti...

Mixed emotions

Alison Comfort

April 15, 2013

On April 6, the FHC track team made their way to University City High School for the Charlie Beck Invitational meet. However, the meet did not go as well as many would have liked. Senior Joe McDevitt, who was slated to have quite a season, expressed his disappointment in the results. “[At] U-Ci...

Returning champions

Alison Comfort

February 25, 2013

Last year, the track and field team was led by a few accomplished coaches to several shining moments for FHC. One of them, Coach Bob Breuer, is returning to the team this year, and he is looking forward to the start of the season. “I’m excited, the coaching staff is excited, we are always excited to g...

Lincoln Log

February 20, 2013

Dear Lincoln Log staff, I have looked at your website, and I can say I am impressed. My name is Allison Comfort and I am a staff member at Francis Howell Central’s Central Focus, one of the premier student-run publications in Missouri. I wanted to share with you what I was impressed with on your sit...

Hipster Who Blues

January 25, 2013

I'm usually the first one to groan about people doing the whole 'ruined forever by popularity' song and dance. As far as I'm concerned, I usually welcome new people into my various fandoms. But this past year, one of my most beloved shows exploded in popularity--and it left me with a bitter taste in...

Practice makes perfect

Alison Comfort

January 25, 2013

Although the track and field season does not start until February 25, the participants in the sport are already hard at work preparing for what looks to be a successful season, according to coach Scott Harris. “Right now, they’re just doing the weight room a couple days a week, and practicing their run...

High hopes for track

Alison Comfort

January 14, 2013

Track’s season is just about to begin at FHC, and there are some star players that expect more than average from their teammates, and themselves. Senior Joe McDevitt is one of those players. He is looking forward to the new season and what it has to bring for the younger members of the team. “[...

Get the stake ready

November 26, 2012

I suppose I should expect it. I live in the Midwest, after all, somewhere near the buckle of the Bible Belt, where you will see churches around every corner and pro-life signs along the highway. But that doesn’t make it any more annoying when I have a question that I need answered, and it’s bloc...

The last note of the season

Alison Comfort

November 19, 2012

Band had its final competition over the weekend of Nov. 3 at Mizzou. Of the bands competing, the FHC marching band took 3rd place in their class and made it to finals, which means that they were one of the ten best bands of the day. Mr. Nathan Griffin, the band director, was happy with the band's ...

Band marches through break

October 23, 2012

For the Francis Howell Central marching band, break meant more competitions and performances. Over the break, the band went to Bands of America and along the way stopped at Carmel High School in Indianapolis on Thursday, where they had a clinic with its prestigious marching band. “This band prog...

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