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Senior stopping point

Evan Pagano May 22, 2013

August 22, 2012 seems like an eternity ago, almost like a dream. So many stories have been written, milestones have been passed since then. Reading the words I wrote that day... it seems like a different...

Connection in separation

Evan Pagano May 16, 2013

The sound system squeaked, piercing each ear in Francis Howell North’s auditorium. On stage, senior girls embraced, some wiping tears on waiting shoulders. A few of the guys hugged too, albeit in a...

Ultimate soars past expectations

Evan Pagano May 15, 2013

As the season drew near, expectations were lackluster for the varsity Ultimate Frisbee team. The year prior, the team compiled a losing record and finished a measly fifth in the state tournament. Coupled...

Mr. Whelan

Evan Pagano May 6, 2013

The first few days of class are like boot camp, one could say. They weed out the wimps. If one emerges on the other side unabashed, they are prepared for everything from then on. He pulls no punches....

When people stop smiling back

Evan Pagano May 1, 2013

The sky was going gray, but the yellow hue of headlights and storefronts lit up their surroundings. The voice of the city was thick in the air outside, honks and humanity intertwining and squeezing through...

Hello again

Evan Pagano April 24, 2013

Hi, guys. After what seems like an eternity, I can assure you that I do, in fact, still exist. I wish I could return from my eight-week blogging hiatus with valiant tales of chivalry or heroism, or explain...

Comeback victory shows resiliency

Evan Pagano March 30, 2013

The defending state champion boys volleyball team continued their dominance over conference foe Fort Zumwalt North on Thursday. In the end, the Spartans enjoyed a 2-0 victory, albeit not with as much...

Springtime snow

Evan Pagano March 24, 2013

With spring break on its deathbed, many a sad Spartan had begun gathering their things for their impending return to school. Backpacks relocated, spring homework wrapped up, all signs pointed to quarter...

Fun in the wonderland

Evan Pagano February 22, 2013

Today is another snow day, Spartans. While that news may come as a delight to most, to some it means an additional day of cabin fever. Complaints of boredom and stir craziness will pop up on the Twitter...


February 22, 2013

Dear, Greetings from Cottleville! I’m Evan Pagano, a staff reporter for the Central Focus and over at Francis Howell Central. Your site was recently brought to my attention,...


February 19, 2013

Dear Mavlifenews, Hi! I’m Evan Pagano, a student at Francis Howell Central high school, all the way over in Cottleville, Missouri. I am a staff reporter for the school newspaper, Central Focus, and...


Evan Pagano January 17, 2013

I had assumed my nightly position. There I sat, lounging in my computer chair, leg up on the desk and hand on the mouse, displaying posture that would puts dollar signs in the eyes of chiropractors across...

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