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TALKING TEETH: A pair of dentures shouts, the British are coming! referring to Paul reveres job as a dentist.

A Dent-ist in History

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter May 28, 2021

Paul Revere was a dentist. That’s right, Paul “the British are coming!” Revere was a dentist. Unless you’re some trivia god with stacks of random knowledge packed in your mind or a Revere historian,...

Junior Sam Emrick aligns his club up with the golf ball. He focuses as he prepares to hit the ball.

Golf Season Comes To A Close

Faith Jacoby and Essy Ingram May 13, 2021

On Wednesday, May 12th, the boy’s golf team participated in the Troy Scramble at Wood’s Fort in Troy. With the end of the season right around the corner, junior Kyle Kreder reflected on the season. “I'm...

Spring Things, COVID Style

Spring Things, COVID Style

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter April 9, 2021

A senior student leaves school early, pulling out of the parking lot due to their shortened schedule.

Senior Schedule Shift

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter March 29, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year so far has undoubtedly been… different. The sea of masks is one thing, but the lack of seniors staying throughout the whole day is something different in itself. This year,...

Senior Kaden Hart faces an opponent on the mat.

Wrestling Windup

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter March 17, 2021

The boys wrestling team finished their season at state on Saturday, March 13th.  "State itself is always a fun experience," said senior Kaden Hart. "It was different this year in many ways due to Covid."  Due...

Senior Kaden Hart, with his back to the camera, faces the scoreboard after a match.

Mandatory Mask Matches

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter February 3, 2021

Over the weekend, the boys wrestling team competed at Lafayette High School. The match was much different than their others because of Lafayette’s school policy, meaning they had to wear masks during...

Let Them Eat Fake

Let Them Eat Fake

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter February 3, 2021

While watching “Marie Antoinette,’ I realized historically accurate films are hard to come by these days, but sometimes authenticity is the second priority. Many period dramas are adored for their...

Kaden Hart prepares to wrestle on the mat.

Glorious GAC’s

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter January 13, 2021

On Saturday, Jan. 9, the boys wrestling team participated in GACS at Francis Howell High School. The team placed 2nd overall and had 4 individual champions, including Kaden Hart, David Cross, Peyton Shepard,...

Alex Vogel wrestling on the mat and holding his opponent down.

Starting the Season Undefeated

Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2020

This past weekend, Dec. 12, the boys wrestling team proved themselves to thrive in competition even when the odds are against them. Going into the Liberty Boys Wrestling Tournament that was hosted at Francis...

The boys take on practice early in the season to prepare themselves for upcoming duals.

Masks and Matches

Natalie Walsh, Co Editor-in-Chief December 9, 2020

Everywhere you go there are precautions in place because of COVID-19, including on the mat. Wrestlers are to wear masks at all times with the exception of taking them off during a dual. Senior Alex Vogel...

Junior Alyssa Haile hits the softball with a strong swing.

Softball’s Conclusion

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter October 22, 2020

This year has proven to be difficult on everyone, including students. The softball team is nowhere near different. With the dramatic changes to the year came dramatic changes to the softball season. Nonetheless,...

Students walk the halls with masks on as everyone adjusts to the new reality at Central.

Dr. Arnel on the start of the year

Faith Jacoby, Staff Reporter September 17, 2020

Dr. Arnel answers a few questions about the start of the school year and the obvious differences that are impacting our students, staff, and overall learning environment. While reflecting on the first...

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