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Questionable Proposals

Questionable Proposals

Reilly Scobey, Print Assignments Editor May 23, 2023

Across America more than a dozen states have introduced legislation to limit discussions of sexual orientation in classrooms. Among these restrictive bills is Missouri HB 634. The bill, which was introduced...

Senior JoAnna Grgurich partakes in worship at Waypoint Church. Since joining Waypoint, Grgurich has come to find peace in her connection with god.

Bearing Bliss

Reilly Scobey, Print Assignment Editor May 22, 2023

Waking up everyday can begin to feel demanding.  The ringing of your morning alarm demanding your immediate attention. Debating whether you should continue lying there or the inevitable, leaving the comfort...

A Need For Change

A Need For Change

Reilly Scobey, Print Assignments Editor March 8, 2023

Waking up Saturday morning I wasn’t expecting my usual routine to differentiate. I woke up at nine, ate breakfast, and got ready for work. Everything played out as usual, until about noon when I sat...

A senior kneels on a mat ready to practice chest compressions. During the training, Students were shown how to perform CPR, but in order to pass they needed to show with Coach Malach Radigan or Coach Andrew Carter they could complete the action steps.

Stayin’ Alive

Reilly Scobey, Print Assignments Editor January 4, 2023

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that’s useful in many emergencies, in which someone’s breathing or heartbeat has stopped. While CPR is a beneficial skill, if not performed...

Superintendent Dr. Roumpos poses infront of some lockers. Since taking over as Superintendent, Dr. Roumpos has made it his top priority to support staff and students and change the way we operate as a school. Photo courtesy of the districts website.

Interim Turned Intendant

Reilly Scobey, Assignments Editor October 21, 2022

Last spring, the Board of Education unanimously voted to make Dr. Kenneth Roumpos Interim Superintendent following the departure of Dr. Nathan Hoven. Since taking over, Dr. Roumpos has exceeded the district's...

As they talk during 4A lunch on Sept. 19, seniors Kyly Jacobs and Sydney Lamb enjoy their lunch in the Learning Commons. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, students were allowed to choose where they ate on a day-to-day basis; with the pandemic waning, that freedom has returned to students in the LC and the cafeteria

Open Seating Returns

Reilly Scobey, Assignments Editor October 17, 2022

 Walking into school this year, students didn’t really know what to expect. Would everything go back to “normal”, or would there still be pandemic restrictions to navigate? One of the biggest changes...

Girls C-Team Basketball huddles up seconds before their final GACs. Entering the game the pressure was on this being the girls most important game of the  season a win was crucial.

Complicated Beginnings

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter February 11, 2022

The start of a new season is never easy, but the beginning of a season at a new school is even harder. Athletes must be able to adapt quickly in order to succeed in this new fast paced environment, but...

Girls varsity cross country huddles around Coach Michelle Breuer before their Warrenton meet. With the end of their season approaching, the girls for a win, little did they know that this race would allow them to go to state.

Hitting The Ground

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter February 7, 2022

Being an athlete is no easy feat. It requires constant training, strategizing, and dedication in order to maintain and improve skills. Freshman cross country runner Resse McDevitt believes that a strong...

Tech Director Sammi Reise on set prepping for Blithe Spirit. With opening day approaching  Reise has been working hours on end to ensure everything is ready for the big day.

Talking Tech

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter December 15, 2021

How long have you been in theatre?  “I’ve been a part of [our] theatre troupe for the past four years,” Reise said. “But I have been doing theatre since I was in sixth grade.”  What do...

The vibrant colors of social media. Since theyre creation these platforms have used visual effects in order to captivate audiences.

A Virtual World

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter November 9, 2021

I despise social media. I remember when I first got it, I had been so excited to finally join my peers online. My excitement didn’t stay for long as it was not exactly as I expected. It was not as enjoyable...

Students in Mr. Bunton’s class practicing meditation. Physical education teachers have been incorporating meditation in their curriculum for years now, but they feel that finding a way to relieve stress is now more important than ever.

Integrating Meditating

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter October 27, 2021

Freshman Birdie Brereton is an active meditator, meditating every day. She started exploring meditation in order to connect with Wicca, her religion. She sees meditation as a tool that many teenagers could...

On September 11th, 2020 our Spartan Regiment preformed at one of our football games. Little did they know their next completion wouldnt be until September 2021.

Spartan Regiment Is Victorious In First Competition Back

Reilly Scobey, Staff Reporter September 21, 2021

 Saturday, Sept. 11th our Spartan Regiment competed in the Metro East Marching Classic at O’Fallon Township High School. This was their first competition since 2019. Adrenaline was high and the Regiment...

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