Interim Turned Intendant

The Board of Education announces Dr. Roumpos as Superintendent


Superintendent Dr. Roumpos poses infront of some lockers. Since taking over as Superintendent, Dr. Roumpos has made it his top priority to support staff and student’s and change the way we operate as a school. Photo courtesy of the districts website.

Last spring, the Board of Education unanimously voted to make Dr. Kenneth Roumpos Interim Superintendent following the departure of Dr. Nathan Hoven. Since taking over, Dr. Roumpos has exceeded the district’s expectations. In his short time as interim superintendent, he has proven he is willing to tackle difficult situations and build relationships across the district while continuing to keep students’ best interest in mind, so it wasn’t a shock to many when the Board of Education announced Dr. Roumpos as FHSD’s permanent superintendent on October 14th. 

Dr. Roumpos has dedicated his career to public education, serving more than 18 years in administrative roles. Before joining FHSD, Dr. Roumpos was the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and Leadership Development in the Ritenour School District. With such an impressive resume, the Board of Education is confident In Dr. Roumpos’s ability to fulfill the District’s expectations. The Board expressed this impressive accomplishment in an email to all FHSD employees.

“The Board is confident that Dr. Roumpos will provide the leadership necessary to fulfill the District’s mission,” the Board said in a letter to the district community. “We are solidifying FHSD’s spot among the top school districts in the state as we continue to deliver a high quality, future-focused education.” 

The Board aren’t the only one’s confident with this transition, Dr. Roumpos is confident in his ability to effectively push the district forward. 

I spent the first few months in this role meeting with students, staff, business leaders and community members,” Dr. Roumpos said. “I will continue to engage and collaborate with all of you to gain a deeper understanding of our district’s significant strengths and opportunities for improvement.” 

Dr. Roumpos knows there is a lot of work to put in, but he is excited to see FHSD go in a new direction. 

Newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Roumpos poses for a photo in a Elementary school. As Superintendent, Dr. Roumpos’s biggest goal for this school year is to increase communication within the district which in return will help strengthen our schools.
Photo courtesy of the districts website.

“Together, we will write a new chapter for FHSD and focus on what matters most – preparing students for a dynamic future that may look very different from today, recruiting high quality teachers and support staff, exercising fiscal responsibility, and strengthening relationships within the District and the broader community.”