Spartan Regiment Is Victorious In First Competition Back

Marching Band Wins First Competition Since 2019.



On September 11th, 2020 our Spartan Regiment preformed at one of our football games. Little did they know their next completion wouldn’t be until September 2021.

 Saturday, Sept. 11th our Spartan Regiment competed in the Metro East Marching Classic at O’Fallon Township High School. This was their first competition since 2019. Adrenaline was high and the Regiment succeeded greatly, placing first in the 3A class along with being awarded Outstanding Music, Visual, and Percussion. Along with those achievements the FHC Colorguard placed second in their class. 

The Regiment has been preparing since the start of their band camp in July. Rehearsal after rehearsal working on their visuals and music ahead of the big competition. Without having any recent competitions, Director Nathan Griffin did not know what to expect.

“Just not knowing, especially [after] a full year of no competitions,” Griffin said. “Even knowing where the other groups were going to be, where we were going to be, and how we stack up [compared to others]. Usually I have an idea going into it, but I just had no clue.” 

When the Regiment hit the stage all of the nerves were gone; all that was left was pure excitement. Without competing all last year Senior Tyler Piedmont was excited to be able to compete again. 

“It was amazing,” Piedmont said. “After waiting almost seven hundred days to get back on the field, it was very exciting for the whole group.” 

Cassie Heyn, a junior and Mellophone player in the Regiment, talks about how she felt being able to perform again.

“When we found out we were actually competing this year I remember just being really excited. Heyn said. I remember going onto the field and just tearing up because I really didn’t realize how much I missed it until I had it back.”

After the Regiment wrapped up their performance the anticipation arose again. Even though they were just excited to be able to compete again many of them were hoping their hard work paid off. With stakes high the Regiment were thrilled when they heard the good news. 

“I loved that their hard work paid off. In this activity, it is sometimes subjective [and] it is hard to get the full feedback or reward for the hard work they put in.”

— Nathan Griffin

The win meant a lot to Mr. Griffin. 

“I loved that their hard work paid off,” Griffin said. “In this activity, it is sometimes subjective [and] it is hard to get the full feedback or reward for the hard work they put in.”

Heyn was excited for the new members of the Regiment to compete.

“For me the highlight of the competition was being able to see our members who haven’t competed before watch other bands,” Heyn said. “They had never been to an event like that so seeing the reactions to when another show had a huge impact moment, or an amazing solo and then also just seeing their faces when we won sealed the deal for the day.” 

With an amazing start to their season the Regiment can not wait to see what will come. For many of the members this was their first competition, but for returning members many of them are excited to be able to get back to what they love.