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SCHOOL SPIRIT: Students at the May 13th pep assembly cheer loudly in the stands. The spring pep assembly focuses on recognizing students for academic excellence.

A Last Hurrah

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor June 1, 2022

On Friday, May 13th, the Spring Pep Assembly took place in the large gym. During the assembly, students were recognized for various academic achievements, teachers and students competed in a dodgeball...

HOUSE HUNTING: Lauren Risley, FHC Class of 2002, shows clients around a home. Lauren Risley owns her own realty business and recently starred in her own HGTV show, Call the Closer.

Closer to Home

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor May 25, 2022

Beginning in November of 2021, the face of Lauren Risley could be seen across the country with the click of a remote or the tap of a thumb. But before she could be seen by the entire world as she showed...

RACKS ON RACKS: Past costumes from previous productions can be found in the Costume Loft in the auditorium, located 20 feet above the main floor.

Rooms to Go Searching For

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor May 11, 2022

As freshmen, students often struggle to find their way around the school. Navigating such a big building isn’t always easy, but after those first couple weeks of freshman year, the building isn’t so...

Fighting to Focus

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor April 19, 2022

After a long day at school, freshman Quinn Douglas joins her family at the table for dinner. She is overwhelmed by the sounds of her sister chewing, forks clattering, and her mom asking her how her...

New Friends, Familiar Faces

Tea Perez and Sydney Tran April 12, 2022

Clinton Payne Sophomore Clinton Payne, like most kids, loves going outside. When he is in his Adaptive PE class, you can count on him being outside on the track on nice warm days. He will skip,...

HAIR DYE DISTRACTION: Rosemary Vrazel sits on her living room couch for a picture after dying her hair.
She dyed it to bring something positive to a day with particularly bad flare-ups and pain.

Invisible Disabilities

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor April 11, 2022

Disability. When you read that word, you probably think of athletes in wheelchairs playing basketball, or children walking through halls with paras, or inspirational stories about a blind person navigating a...

A HIGHER PLACE: Mrs. Christina Lentz’s Adam Levine poster hangs high above
the student’s heads in the corner of her classroom. The poster is loved by
students and an important part of the classroom environment.

Classroom Curios

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor April 11, 2022

Celebrity Crush While students might come and go from Mrs. Christina Lentz's English classroom, there’s one person who stays by her side all day long: Adam Levine. His presence has been a constant...

Accommodations and Inclusion

Faith Beckmann, Newspaper Editor April 11, 2022

As the rest of the track team begins to warm up for its afternoon practice, junior Jason Kuhn works with his brother, freshman Jeremy Kuhn, to ensure that he understands each exercise. As the team begins...

Frost covers the grassy ground in a St. Peters neighborhood. With the recent drop into freezing temperatures, this is becoming a much more common sight for students when they wake up in the morning, signaling the arrival of the winter season.

A Change In Plans

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor November 4, 2021

With the recent drop into freezing temperatures begins a new chapter in the school year: the chapter of hoping, wishing and praying for the snow days that the changing of the seasons has finally made a...

Taking a Swing: Seniors Jayden Jones (left) and Cameron Hill (right)play badminton in their seventh hour Net Sports class. “The three main sports we cover are badminton, volleyball, and tennis. We also play pickleball,” Coach Jennifer Denny, who teachers the class, said.

Finding the Right Fit

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor October 26, 2021

Up until high school, most physical education classes look fairly similar - repetitive stretch and warm-up routines,  rotations of different sports , the dreaded running of the mile every so often, and...

Back To Normal?

Back To Normal?

Rachel Vrazel, Web Editor October 21, 2021

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