2018-2019 Staff

Patrick Sheehan

Beat Editor

Patrick Sheehan is a junior at FHC and this is his second year on staff. He is the beats editor and outside of newspaper he is involved in marching band. He loves to play the euphonium and music theory. He is working towards b...

Megan Percy

Discover Editor

Megan Percy is currently in her second year as a staff reporter for FHC Today and the Central Focus and her first year as Discover editor.  She is a junior who loves most music, most people, and most importantly, all animals. ...

Liz Baker


Liz is the Editor in Chief and it is her third year on staff. She spends most of her time stuck in the 90’s. If she’s not watching The Heathers, then she is rewatching Gilmore Girls.

Craig Eddy

Entertain Editor

Craig is a junior in his second year of Publications. He enjoys drawing, talking, and hanging out with friends, mostly Lanie Sanders. He hopes to become a broadcast journalist or voice actor. He is a cool boy....

Jessica Fults

Feature Editor

Jess Fults is a senior and this is her third year of publications, first year being feature editor. She also does makeup for FHC’s theater. In her free time, she pets her cats, makes good pasta, and thinks of ways she could be...

Kana Chung

Move Editor

Kana Chung is a junior, and this is her second year as a part of the FHC publications team, and her first year as Move editor for the Central Focus. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to write and put her jumbled th...

Whitney Klein

Social Media Editor

Whitney Klein is a senior in her 3rd year on staff with FHC Publications. She is acting as social media editor with a goal of gaining more traffic to fhctoday, and also helping out everyone she can on staff. She has enjoyed b...

Chloe Bockhorst

Voice Editor

Chloe is a senior, and this is her second year on publications. This is her first year as Voice editor, and she is very excited to be editing everyone’s voice. She is also involved in theater as the makeup crew head. In her...

Natalie Walsh

Staff Reporter

Natalie Walsh is a sophomore here at Francis Howell Central. This is her first year on the FHC Publication’s staff as a reporter. She is very active at school; playing soccer, swim, and cross country. She also is the club h...

Holly Whaley

Staff Reporter

   Holly Whaley is a senior this year, and this is her first year on publications. She is a reporter for the newspaper, and is excited to continue sharing news and stories. She is a tenor saxophone player in jazz ensemble, wind e...

Gabby Buchholz

Staff Reporter

Gabby Buchholz is 18, a senior, and a stereotypical virgo. This is her first year in publications, and she’s super excited to be Copy editor. Outside of publications she’s also Vice President of the theatre department. When...

Seth Wilcox

Staff Reporter

Seth Wilcox is a sophomore staff reporter and this is his first year on the Publications team. When he’s not sleeping for hours or walking his wiener dogs, you can find him relaying dank memes to his friends, reading horror ...

Ruthan Kimbrel

Staff Reporter

Ruthann Kimbrel is a sophomore at FHC and it is her first year as a staff reporter. She loves hanging out with her friends, boyfriend and marching band friends. She likes drawing, listening to music, sleeping and reading when she h...

Robyn Ziegemeier

Staff Reporter

Robyn Ziegemeier is a tenth grade Staff reporter making her debut at FHC Publications. She enjoys reading, sleeping in, playing music, eating pasta, and finding useless facts from around the internet. She has a fabulous but mean cat...

Margaret Wilkerson

Staff Reporter

Margaret is a sophomore at FHC, and it’s her first year as a staff reporter. She’s paint crew head for the theatre department, and makes bad music sometimes when she isn’t sleeping or worrying about something stupid. ...

Maddie Fuller

Staff Reporter

Maddie Fuller is a senior and this is her first year in Publications. She plays the Flute in the Spartan Regiment and Symphonic band. In her freetime, she watches Youtube, writes, and listens to music. She also really likes ca...

Kayla Reyes

Staff Reporter

Kayla Reyes is a sophomore and it is her first year on Newspaper Staff. She likes writing, listening to music, and running. She runs cross country and track at FHC. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and surrounding herself...

Isaiah Salin

Staff Reporter

Isaiah Salin is a sophomore and it is his first year on Publications. Isaiah enjoys listening to music, running, writing and producing music. He hopes to go to a big city college and experience urban college for music product...

George Schlotzhauer

Staff Reporter

George Schlotzhauer is a senior. This is his first year on staff, and he is a staff reporter. Outside of newspaper, he is part of the FHC marching band and FHC E-sports team. He plans on going to Missouri institution of science...

Breana Epperson

Staff Reporter

Breana Epperson is a senior, and this is her first year on FHC publications team. She doesn’t know to spell her name and likes pineapples. She’s a part of the Spartan Regiment and will be graduating on December 21st. In her past t...

Kierigan McEvoy

Staff Reporter

Kierigan is a junior this year. This is her first year as part of the FHC Publications team and she is eager to learn how to write informative and entertaining stories for readers to enjoy. Kierigan is involved in several clubs at...

Marcus Falcomata

Staff Reporter

Marcus, a Senior at FHC, is a staff reporter at-large for the central focus and fhctoday.com. He enjoys playing golf and singing barbershop in his free time. A Southern Baptist, Marcus provides a much needed conservative voic...

Lanie Sanders

Web Editor-In-Chief

This is Lanie’s second year on staff. She is Web Editor-in-Chief and outside of paper participates in theatre and speech and debate. She loves journalism and wants to be a news anchor.

Grant Boehne

Video Editor

This is Grant's second year on publications. He enjoys making videos, skateboarding, and swimming. Grant also participates in the high school swim team, as well as subdivision leagues. He enjoys school and education; he plans...

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