DECA goes to Disney World

There are marketing students who have the opportunity to compete at the national DECA competition in Florida. Junior Hannah Greco will be going to nationals for her first year in DECA.

“I am not preparing too much yet. I am nervous about others around [the] state, but Mr. Cross and Mrs. Siren [do] not have a lot of expectation[s] for us,” she said.

To prepare, Greco will be studying the vocabulary that her DECA sponsors are providing. She is very excited to go to Florida. DECA national finalists have an all-expense-paid trip. The DECA students will be going to Disney World, Sea World and the beach. They will be staying at the Hilton for five days.

“It is something new that I have never known before. It is like a free spring break,” said junior Josh Burns.

This is Burns’ first year in DECA and first year qualifying for national competition.

“I am nervous, but we are all in the same boat. We have all the same materials, and we all do not know what to expect. Instead of learning for the preparation of DECA, DECA has taught me a lot you do not learn it until you do it,” said Burns.

Many of the five competitors are starting to prepare for their final competition on April 30 and 31.