NHS prepares for induction ceremony

Every year, new students begin their journey into the National Honor Society with the induction ceremony. On May 5 the new inductees will join the ranks of NHS as former and holding members welcome them in.

“With NHS it’s cool to see all the other students who take school seriously like myself,” said senior Michelle Howard.

A lot of planning goes into the ceremony. NHS leaders have to order all the cakes, flowers and candles. The auditorium has to be prepped and ready with the pins and certificates. Many of the leaders have to prepare their speeches and make sure everything is up to date and concrete in detail.

“Its such an exciting time to watch the ceremony and all the rituals that represent that high-level of achievement a student can reach,” said NHS Sponsor Tiffany MacMillan.

New members will get a chance to meet the new NHS officers at a breakfast that will be held on Tuesday May 3 during 2nd hour.