DECA finalists go to Florida

Friday, April 30 at noon, DECA finalists traveled by plane to Orlando, Fla. These DECA students are competing in national competitions. Senior Adam Farmer, DECA president, placed first in DECA district competitions and now has the opportunity to compete in the national competition.

“This is my last thing to do as a senior. I am fufilling my role as [DECA] president,” said Farmer.

Farmer has been studying the DECA terminology, role plays and practice tests in preperation for competitions. Practice tests have produced higher scores, according to Farmer. This is Farmer’s second time as a national finalist.

“I know what to expect. [It] definitely lets me know what to prepare for and how to act,” said Farmer.

All DECA students have an expense-free trip to Orlando paid for by DECA fundraising.

“That is the best thing ever and it makes it easy to go,” said Farmer.

There will be three other students who are competing at nationals such as junior Josh Burns, junior Hannah Greco and senior Alex Faupel.