NHS looks to the future

This past Monday, 48 new inductees were treated to the annual National Honor Society new members breakfast.

On Wednesday, seven members of NHS helped Saeger Middle School own induction ceremony for National Junior Honor Society. For the past couple of months NHS members had been collecting soda tabs that paid for families to stay at the Ronald McDonald House while their kids are in the hospital.

“I’m excited and proud of all the students who donated tabs to assist those families in need,” said NHS Sponsor Tiffany MacMillan.

The final stages of the NHS induction ceremony were put together and culminated on Thursday, where most of the new members showed up and part took in the ceremonies rituals of the night.

“The atmosphere of the night felt really more of an elite gathering then a party,” said MacMillan. “All the officers who coordinated the night did a great job of running things.”

Principal Sonny Arnel led the students on stage along with English teacher Robert Hornbuckle who was the guest speaker for the night. Each new member received a single yellow rose, a certificate and membership pin. Then, the crowd watched as the old officers lit individual candles and handed them off to the new officers, symbolizing the passing of duties. The new officers and new members will be able to attend the next meeting on Tuesday.