Youth in Government students elected to honorable positions

Youth in Government (YIG) can prove to be a worthwhile investment of time, proved through two students, senior Nicholle Turano and senior Jolie Denton. As of this year, Turano has been elected Missouri YIG’s main anchor and Denton as YIG’s chief writer for news.

YIG members can win scholarships and awards for being in the club. Turano went to Washington D.C. recently and worked with people in the federal government, according to Margo Hoffman, the club’s sponsor.

“In Youth in Government, students learn how to write a bill, debate bills, work with a lawyer to write briefs and much more,” Hoffman said.

According to Hoffman, YIG teaches students how government works. Students learn how the three branches of government are run by letting club members hold positions in YIG’s executive board, Senate, Congress, Supreme Court, media center, newspaper, or newscast.

“It all comes together in a three day convention in Jefferson City where 750 kids carry out the jobs assigned to them,” Hoffman said.

Students interested in YIG should attend the club’s first meeting on Aug 29, after school, in Hoffman’s room.