Changes cause apprehension on tennis courts

In preparation for the season to start, the lady’s on the tennis team adapt to the recent changes. With the new coaching staff, the players have had to adjust to new training techniques.

“Our coach has us do different drills, and hopefully it pays off during our matches,” senior Nikki Tinker said.

The team quickly comes together as its first match quickly approaches. Striving to bring home a win, the players continue to challenge each other to attain their playing position.

“This season, I am looking forward to playing with Mara Drimak because she is my friend, and we always have fun being partners,” Tinker said.

Despite the recent changes in coaching, the girls are looking at it with a positive outlook.

“I miss the old coach, but it’s nice having a girl coach now. We’re still getting adjusted to the change,” senior Mara Drimak said.