Arete gears up for a busy year

The beginning of the year is upon the school, and Arete, like other clubs, is gearing up for the new year. Arete pillar forms are due to Arete sponsor Mrs. Amy Zykan by Oct. 4; if students want to participate in the Arete breakfast. Mrs. Zykan is preparing for the breakfast, which is scheduled to take place on Nov. 17. This will be a chance for new Arete members to get to know each other.

Silly Bands are also going to be an addition this year. They are going to be sold for 25 cents, which is going towards Arete’s funds.

“We’re going to sell [Silly Bands] at home football games, and they are going to be in blue and silver,” said Mrs. Zykan. “So bring your quarters to the next football game being held at FHC.”

Junior Sarah Giocolo is also excited for the year, especially the field day.

“It’s a just a fun day. It’s good to get out of classes and hang out with friends,” Giocolo said.