New year, new attitudes, new buzzer

The Scholar Quiz Bowl members, all experienced now, take on 2015 competitions

Scholar Quiz bowl has gotten pretty deep into their season. With five competitions under their belt, the new kids are becoming strong members of the team, while the veterans are perfecting their trivia skills.

They attended an Invitational at Orchard Farm on Saturday, the 10th, which is a slight change from the regular agenda. This competition invites teams from all schools in the area, not restricted to the St. Charles league. Junior Rachel Nixon liked this change of pace.

“[The Saturday competition] started at 8am and went until four, so we had about 8 rounds. These were the best teams from each school, so it was more challenging this time,” Nixon said.

Her team won 4 out of the 8, and for a new team in a contest like this, that day was regarded a success. “We have one new member, Kristin Porter, and I think she is definitely getting better,” Nixon said. She, along with other new members, is getting a better feel of the game. All members are growing, too, learning to work better as a team.

“We understand the game and we understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Nixon said. “We know when to take a question if other people won’t know them.

Coach Sharon King sees the progress as well, and is very proud of how far they’ve come.

“I got to watch them for the first time on Saturday, and I love it,” King said. “It’s fun to watch them work together, and hear some of the things that are said.”

Although the team is made up of a number of new members, many are doing well, not only in the school, but in the whole league. “I’ve got 4 players that are in the top 15 for the whole league,” King said. “I think Jocelyn is number 3 or 4 out of about 100.”

Junior Jocelyn Sanders is Nixon’s team captain this year. King remembers how Sanders started out shyly on the team.

“She wouldn’t hit the button, but after she heard the question she’d be like ‘oh. I knew that’. Now she’s just buzz buzz buzz, because she’s confident with what she has, the information.”

Confidence is an invaluable reward earned from this activity. It allows kids who are bright and clever to show it, and to be recognized for it. And while, at first it may be scary to hit that buzzer, these team members can attest that it is definitely worth it. Especially when the buzzer is shiny and new, compliments of Activities Director Scott Harris.

With determination, excitement, and a 5-person buzzer system, FHC’s Scholar Quiz bowl team is armed and ready to take on GACs this weekend, as well as everything else that lies ahead.