Youth in Government embarks year with excellent numbers

Youth in Government (YIG) has initiated the year with 35 members, compared to about 25 students last year.

“It’s more people than I’ve had in years,” sponsor Margo Hoffman said. “We even need two more chaperones to go to the convention.”

During the first two meetings, the legislative and media program areas were discussed, as well as what the Jefferson City convention will be like this year and expectations about writing bills and campaigns. Aaron Ehlmann, an FHC alumnus, runs the novice program at YIG and works with novice students at FHC.

“[Ehlmann] really gets those kids involved,” Hoffman said.

YIG teaches students a lot about the political system and the inner-workings of the political system, according to Hoffman.

“It’s fun and you learn a lot,” said junior Kyle Pyatt, YIG member.

YIG meetings occur every Monday and members of the club must have their preparatory information done by Sept. 26.