Bumped up a class

Bumped up a class

Flying flags. Amazing solos. Winning it all. Winter Guard showed up to the competition at Eureka High School, and they won it all by taking first place and moving up to B class. A new season of hard working paid off for these girls. Junior Gabriela Bianchi was ecstatic with the win at Eureka as well as the bump up to the B class.

“It was absolutely thrilling,” Bianchi said. “It was a really big deal to us to get first place at our first competition of the season.”

Receiving first in their class was something Bianchi did not envision happening due to it being their first competition.

“I think we did well, but we had a lot of nerves and jitters,  so it wasn’t going to be our best show,” Bianchi said. “Our show wasn’t completed at our first competition either.”

While Bianchi showed shock and awe at the fact they received first at their competition, Alexis Bishop did not seem to surprised by this fact.

“I think I personally performed perfect,” said Bishop.

The most exciting fact of this competition was the fact that Winter Guard got bumped up to B class. The B class is a group of guards who have shown the talent and technique they possess while performing in C class. B class is a group of more challenging guards.

“I’ve been waiting to get to B class my whole guard career,” Bishop said. “I’m so excited for all of this.”

This entire competition was surreal for senior Jacklyn Angel who felt as though this competition was what her senior year needed.

“It felt like my entire senior year was coming together,” Angel said. “My coach took snapchats of my face because for a second I couldn’t believe it.”

Even with this movement to the next class, guard has no time to waste, and they are continually preparing for their next competition as well as the fight they will have of being in B class.

“We are doing a lot more practice, a lot more cardio, and a lot harder work,” Angel said.