Arete activities approach rapidly

The deadline and true start for Arete is getting closer. Pillar forms are still due to sponsor Mrs. Amy Zykan by Oct. 4, so if students want to participate, please see Mrs. Zykan. The Arete breakfast, which is run by Sodexo, is scheduled for Nov. 17, and will serve as a meet-and-greet for new Arete members. Mrs. Zykan is not yet feeling the pressure of the event.
“It’s not stressful right now, but as we get closer to the breakfast, it gets more stressful,” Mrs. Zykan said.

Junior Lexi Hunk is excited for not just the social aspect of the club, but the educational aspect as well.

“It’s a chance for me to get recognized as a good student and talk with my peers,” Hunk said.
Mrs. Zykan is still working on the menu for the breakfast, so potential members, stay tuned to find out what’s going to be served in November.