A series addiction

Watching a TV show is something that time and emotions must go in to, getting attached to a show is an unforgettable experience.



The end of a TV series; filled with joy, heartbreak and the feeling of emptiness. Getting attached to a show is an experience that many people can say they have had. Whether it be a series on Netflix, which you can binge watch to your hearts content, or a series still airing on TV, there is always an addiction.

Personally, I’d have to say that getting attached to a series is one of the worst things that could happen. It truly is a painful experience and although at the time of beginning a new series it may seem worth it, but overall it’s not.

I have gone through a variety of shows on Netflix and just on TV. From becoming obsessed with The Office, to watching an entire season of American Horror Story in just under 24 hours, it is easy for me to get attached quickly.

It has to be the right show, you can’t just jump right into a show you have no interest in. Finding the right show can be hard, I have attempted to watch so many shows that I just couldn’t. It has to be a show that sparks your interest, there’s a show about almost anything, finding it is the hard part.

Looking around and seeing all different people watching the same shows is hilarious,everyones reactions are different and you can easily tell who is more dedicated than others. Those who become more dedicated tend to be the ones who react the most when the series ends. There are tears, there is silence, and there is heartbreak.

I have seen many people react to the ending of a TV show, and although it is hilarious to see with other people, when it’s actually happening to you it is completely different. It is as if everything in the entire world is crashing down all at once, finishing a series you have been attached to for a long time feels like losing a part of your own self.

Ending a series is a very interesting experience to say the least, and overall, if a show is really worth it, then all the emotions that follow will be worth it too.