Student Council held homecoming dance

On Sept. 21-28, Homecoming dance tickets went on sale for $16 each, or a theme t-shirt and ticket for $25. This year Student Counsil (StuCo) raised prices to accommodate the costs of the dance.

“We have lost money in the past years, so this year we increased the prices so there [would be] more profit,” junior Sara Giocolo, club president said.

To help get students back in the spirit of Homecoming, StuCo brought back the blue and silver stars to represent the students participating in extracurricular activities. The stars were placed throughout the halls of the building.

“Students in different clubs were given stars [to write their names on.] They were able to put them on their own locker or give them to [StuCo] and we put them up around the building,” Giocolo said.

With the dance over, junior StuCo Vice President Hannah Johnson, reflected on the outcome of the event.

“I feel like [the dance] was a big success. We organized it well and did not have to stay late and surprisingly did not have to kick anyone out this year,” Johnson said.