Cross country team has no state qualifiers

As the cross country season ended on Saturday, the team’s three state qualifiers failed to achieve all-state status.

According to Coach Michelle Breuer, the course was a lot harder than the normal races and the excitement of making state took its toll.

“It’s such a difficult course but state went well. You expect to do well and the course puts a damper on it,” Coach Breuer said. “When they’re in the moment, they get excited and forget how difficult the course is. They gave the best effort that they could and that all I ask.”

According to senior Sydney Voss, her last chance at state was disappointing. An injury late in the season did not help her chances of making all state.

“State didn’t go as good as I wanted, but I can’t be disappointed that I made it there. I was expecting a little better, but not too much because of my injury,” Voss said.

The team’s other senior, Josh McKinley placed 29th, missing all-state by four places. Freshman Brittney Kennedy on the other hand, placed 63 out of 164 girls.

“State was exciting with a lot of people so I’m happy with 63rd. I beat a lot of people that I wasn’t planning on,” Kennedy said.

The girls team started strong in the beginning of the season, but didn’t end up they way they expected, according to Coach Breuer.

“I was happier with the team in the beginning of the season. The seniors on the team let us down and I wish we had more unity,” Coach Breuer said. “We kinda fell apart at the end of the season which was tough to see.”

Coach Breuer was also a little disappointed with the results from the boys season.

“They stayed together more, but we had a late injury that hurt us. We had to play around with injuries,” Coach Breuer said.

Although the season did not go as expected, Kennedy improved this season and plans to keep the trend going throughout high school.

“I definitely got a lot better and towards the end of the season I got closer to the team,” Kennedy said. “I definitely want to try to get all state so I will work hard for it.”