International Club begins raising money for Adopt-A-Family

As the shopping date for the Adopt-A-Family approaches, International Club is continuing to meet nearly every Tuesday after school until approximately 3 p.m in club sponsor Katie Lozano’s room.

Last week, the club received more information about the two families it is adopting for this winter season. The families are requesting things such as an Olive Garden gift card, a sewing machine, board games, a Rams jersey and more. The club is going to try and provide as many of the requests of the family as possible, according to Mrs. Lozano.

“For a lot of the families in Adopt-A-Family, this is usually the only time of the year they are going to get new and nice things,” Mrs. Lozano said.

In order to provide for these families, the club will be taking monetary donations throughout the week of Nov. 15-22. Foreign language teachers will also be collecting spare change which will become the funds to buy all of the gifts for the families.

“All of the money goes to providing for the families,” Mrs. Lozano said. “International Club wants to make sure everyone in the families have something to open on Christmas.”

With the hopes of stretching the funds raised even further with coupons, the club also will be partnering with a kindergarten class from the Fort Zumwalt School District. The kindergarten class will be collecting things for International Club so the club can focus spending its money on what the families specifically requested.

Despite the help they will be getting from the kindergarten class, Mrs. Lozano says they still will need as many students to come help cut coupons, roll change, shop and wrap presents, all within the next few weeks.

“This is our busiest time of the year,” Mrs. Lozano said. “We really need as many hands we can get to help cut coupons, roll coins and wrap presents.”