Panic! at the new song

The success of the release of Panic! at the Disco’s new music

Panic! at the Disco’s new song, “Victorious”, gives me a nostalgic feeling to my middle school years when I would blast them through the house at full volume. It makes me feel edgy and it’s perfect for making you feel like you can do anything. If I were to listen to this while walking down the street, I would feel like I am taking on the world.

Panic! never fails to disappoint me and this song is nothing less than the name it was given. I had no idea they were releasing a new song until I came across a snippet of the enticing intro, “Tonight we are victorious. Champagne pouring over us. All my friends we’re glorious. Tonight we are victorious.” Now if that doesn’t scream “outlet for teenage angst,” I don’t know what does. It grabs your attention from the beginning and holds it until the very last second.

This song has an upbeat feel to it so intense that I am currently playing it on repeat as I write this. This is one of those songs that you wish you could have as background music as you’re walking down the hallway, or maybe even the short walk to get your daily mail. It brings good vibes as soon as the first note is played and it’s one of those kinds of songs that keep me, as a fan, coming back for more. This band has been around for so long and it’s amazing that they are still able to produce music everyone still enjoys. I have never come across someone who has said “I like the old Panic! better,” that just doesn’t happen because they can be as dynamic as they want with their sounds and still make something great of it.

Overall, the success of this song was expected. Panic! delivers in every aspect; vocals, performance, and beats that will leave the fans wanting more. Needless to say, I am looking forward to see what else they can do to further my obsession with them. I would highly recommend at least giving the song a chance and who knows? Maybe it will be the song you play in your head as you’re taking your stroll to the mailbox.