Rise of the under-scholars

The short story of Tuesday’s Scholar Quiz Bowl match at Francis Howell is that both the junior varsity and varsity teams split their games 1-1. But the real story is how those games were won and lost.

After a sweeping varsity win against Francis Howell 290-110, the varsity team was eager to meet their next opponent of the day. As fate would have it, the next opponent of the varsity team was their very own junior varsity team, in a second round game moderated by Francis Howell Central coach, Ms. Sharon King.

“When we walked into the room we just laughed. It was such a coincidence,” said senior varsity captain Nic Deckard. “Overall, it was nice to end the day with the JV team and Ms. King in a relaxing game that was free of tension. “

Following a first round loss, the junior varsity team was able to shake off the initial loss and keep their heads in the scrimmage-like match they were faced with.

“We went into the game with confidence. As the game went on, our victory became more and more of a reality,” said junior varsity captain Ethan Hammer.

Sure enough, the junior varsity team was able to narrowly best the varsity team 290-260 after a thrilling fourth quarter of play, leaving both teams with a 1-1 record on the day — and bragging rights with junior varsity.