Three sizes to give

The world language department participates in the Adopt a Family fundraiser.


Ashley Mair

Students wrap presents that were bought by the donation money.

$5129.13, the amount of money raised by the world language department’s Adopt-A-Family fundraiser, which is about three times as much as they raised last year for this event. Mrs. Ashley Mair was able to adopt three families from the halls of FHC. This large sum of money was enough to buy large gifts for these families.

“Since there was so much money, we offered to buy them large items. One asked for a dishwasher, so like large appliances. Someone asked for an electric guitar for their disabled son,” Mrs. Mair said.

This large amount of money was enough to spark reactions from students and teachers that put them in the giving spirit.

“Our students were very excited,” Mrs. Mair said. “I wouldn’t even be able to put into words what the teachers reactions were. There were multiple days where I would go home and cry about it.”

This has been a long standing tradition within the world language department. Dr. Jennifer Miller  cannot even remember the start of this event.

“It has been at least 15 years. I honestly can’t tell you the first time,” Dr. Miller said.

This event requires a lot of planning for just one week of giving money to buy gifts for families in need.

“Mrs. Mair contacts guidance in late October/early November about getting a family. Then, once they’ve decided on a family, the counselors ask that family for a list with clothing sizes, etc. We publicize that to our students, and for a week, each teacher in the world language department collects money each hour,” Dr. Miller said. “Mrs. Mair counts it & keeps track of which classes raise the most in order to reward them. Then, Mrs. Mair & her husband go shopping along with anyone else who wants to. Students stay after school to wrap the presents, and then we deliver them to Guidance to distribute to the families.”

Teachers provide a wish list for the families that have products that really puts it in perspective how much these families are in need.

“Once we get the wish list we read it to them because it always has something like toilet paper and laundry detergent,” Mrs. Mair said. “That really hits home for them as far as them understanding that this Christmas is very different from the Christmas they are used to.”

This is an event that will be continued as long as the world language department can continue giving.

“It’s a big job and I’m doing it with the help of my friends,” Mrs. Mair said. “I want to continue this as long as we can.”