Breakdown FHC stands up to bullying

Whether it is from the outside looking in or from the inside looking out, everyone sees some form of bullying nearly everyday. Breakdown FHC has been created to make a difference.

This club was created this school year to spread awareness and try to prevent as much possible. Mr. Jeremy Rohrbach, along with a wide variety of students including junior Sarah O’Leary and junior Kelsey Mundle, who wanted to find a way to help out with the bullying problem at FHC.

“We want to increase awareness of what bullying is inside and outside of our school. We also obviously want to reduce the number of bullying incidents,” Mr. Rohrbach said.

The club plans to accomplish this goal of reducing bullying by hosting homerooms on Wednesdays in order to promote anti-bullying. Also, students involved in Breakdown FHC came on Jan. 2 to meet with every teacher to train them about what they have learned from experiences in the club.

According to Mr. Rohrbach, the students in the group are very cooperative and he is very pleased with the attitude given by the students.

“The students have stepped up and spent time on their Christmas break to help the cause. They have been very brave,” Mr. Rohrbach said. “Much more planning is from them opposed to the first homeroom that I planned. They are following through on saying things to prevent bullying”

Mundle was an original member of the club that felt that awareness should be spread in order to solve bullying problems.Mundle believes that through going to meetings with students and teachers, the school will begin to recognize and decrease the amount of bullying.

“We went in and talked to teachers about the problems and I think it was good coming from the kids,” Mundle said.

O’Leary began to get involved with Breakdown FHC because she felt like she should help the bullying that students go through.

“I want to help stop bullying in this school because I see it all the time,” O’Leary said. “ I’ve been seeing this forever and listening and reading about being bullied is terrible. Fighting back is never the answer.”

Not only is the club calling for an action to take place, they are also taking action. By going to meetings and discussing the problems and solutions to bullying, the group is getting educated about what needs to happen in order to see change.

“We go to seminars to learn how we can convince and show others how this can cause harm to others,” said O’Leary.

According to Mr. Rohrbach, all people are affected by bullying whether it is to them or witnessing other people.

“Breakdown FHC will affect everyone. Most people know someone who is a bully or has been, especially with how easy it is to use electronics or send out a rumor through a text,” Mr. Rohrbach said.

Any student can be a member of Breakdown FHC. Meetings are held in Mr. Rohrbach’s room 109 after school.

All students are also participating in periodic homeroom classes to discuss effects and changes that can be made to prevent bullying. Examples of bullying are shown to help students realize the seriousness of this cause.

Mr. Rohrbach has seen a few changes already take place and expects many more to come as the year goes on.

“We have had a few more students in the counselor’s office and we hope to see more as we give more information throughout the year,” Mr. Rohrbach said.