Scholar quiz bowl members lead by example

Over the last three years, Scholar Quiz Bowl coach Ms. Sharon King has come to know many great and memorable players on her squad. One of those players is senior captain Nic Deckard.

“From day one, I’ve gotten a kick out of Nic. He was always so excited when it came to answering questions of his own as a sophomore on the varsity team. He brought a keen sense of humor to the team and has always brought his best effort to every game these past three years to lead and mentor the other scholars,” said King.

Deckard works closely with coach King in regards to organizing practices and matches on a weekly basis, and takes his captaining very seriously because of the path that led him to it.

“When I started out, my teammates let me know that a lot of people have vices in certain categories across the board — a strength in one specific category — but I never really had that issue. I hopped around a lot when it came to knowledge. They called me the “everything else” guy,” said Deckard.

This year, the varsity team is getting by with a record of 6-6. Regardless of score, Deckard takes it upon himself to pump up his teammates during matches. Because practice time is so little and the activity itself is so laid back, Deckard always wants to ensure that the team is working together as well as possible.

Tuesday, Jan. 25, Deckard scored a personal best 140 points in a match at the recent Holt quiz bowl match, aiding his team one of two games that afternoon. But this past week was just another highlight across these past three years for the senior scholar.

“My crowning achievement was during my sophomore year when I answered the winning question against Villa Duchesne at their own tournament in a sudden death quiz bowl matchup at the end of a very tense game,” said Deckard. “We had always had a healthy rivalry, and that day we walked away as the victors, relishing in our spoils of a tournament win.”