Knights defeat Spartans

The hockey team struggles with playing down to their opponent’s level

On Friday, Jan. 8, the hockey team faced defeat from the Howell North Knights. The final score, 4-2, came as a surprise to many players as they expected an easy victory.
According to senior Nathan Hendrix, the team usually doesn’t perform as well while facing lower tiered teams.
“It really depends on the mindset we show up with. If we think it’s an easy team, we are more laid back and think we have an easy win. Well, they end up proving us wrong,” Hendrix said. “But if we are mentally prepared for the game and know what we have to do, we end up winning.”
The preconceived notions of the opposing teams have often been deceiving for the Spartans. Goalie Mikey Gregg agrees with Hendrix’s analysis of the team’s performance.
“Whenever we play a team that is not as good, we automatically mark that game as a win. We don’t bring forth the effort that we should. It always backfires on us,” Gregg said.
When it comes to the higher tiered teams like DeSmet, the team efficiently communicates and collaborates with each other.
“The chemistry of our team is not as strong when we play weaker teams,” Gregg said.
Despite the Spartans defeat, the team never threw in the towel. Players like Gabe Vendetti and Logan Owens were noted by Hendrix for their positivity and heart for the game.
“They’re hyping us up on the bench. They’re never giving up, always going after the puck, winning 50/50 battles,” Hendrix said.
According to Cory Moats, Vendetti is a model player for the team.
“Gabe Vendetti always tries hard. He never gives up. He’s not the best skilled player on the team, but he gives his best effort every game,” Moats said.
With only a few games left in the season, the Spartans are winding down. Overall, the Spartans are proud of their season.
“The next couple of games aren’t going to be the easiest. We play West tonight. We still have CBC to go to, and Fort Zumwalt East, and they are pretty strong. They aren’t weak teams. It should be a good fight,” Moats said.