DECA prepares for district competition on Wednesday

Mr. Steve Cross and the DECA club have been preparing for their district competition on Wednesday at the Mills Mall. Students will be taking tests and doing role plays in front of judges to earn points.

By going to leadership conferences, doing social work and learning about vocational readiness, the students in DECA has learned what they will need to do to succeed in their upcoming competitions according to Mr. Cross.

“The kids get to pick the events that they want to role play in front of the judges. It presents them with business opportunities that students can use as a tool to get themselves ready for jobs in business and marketing,” Mr. Cross said.

If students wish to participate in DECA, they must be signed up for Marketing 1 or Marketing 2 for the 2012-2013 school year.

Mr. Cross encourages every student in marketing classes to join DECA because it will help prepare them for college, as well as succeed in the class.

“Students will register for the class and we will sign them up in class at the beginning of next year,” Mr. Cross said. “I push everyone in those classes to join DECA. The class and the club are one in the same. It is a co-curricular club.”