How to spend Valentine’s Day single

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here’s some tips to spend the holiday even if you don’t have a significant other.

Elizabeth Gerger

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Elizabeth Gerger

Solitary chocolate tastes just as good.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many couples start to gather their plans and prepare for the special day. Others, the single crowd, are dreading the holiday. There are many things to do on Valentine’s Day as a single person. Here are a few pointer on how to be single on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Buy yourself Valentine’s Day candy/chocolate. You can’t avoid the holiday, so why not embrace all the heart-shaped carbs and diabetes. ‘To me From me’ chocolate is a favorite and it tastes like complete solitary.
  2. You don’t have to dress fancy. There is no need to get dolled up or spend money on a new outfit. Sweats and a t-shirt will do your movie night just fine. Being a loner never felt so good.
  3. To go with your movie night- not only do you get all the popcorn, but you get to choose all the movies and get to hog the blankets and pillows. You can watch anything you want- preferably not something romantic because they’ll really bring your self esteem down.
  4. You can also take part in SAD: Singles Awareness Day. Find other singles and guess what? Now, you don’t have to read the rest of this list!
  5. On the plus side, you don’t have to waste your time or money on showing that significant how much you love them…because they don’t exist. Go on family/ friend dates. They are also people that you love, right? Unless you don’t have friends or a family, then you can visit a dog pound or old people’s home.
  6. Give back. You could volunteer or like teach kids to read. Better yourself, better the  world.
  7. Sleep through it. Set your alarm for February 15 and take a long slumber.