Falling on senior night

Varsity Girls Basketball had their senior night, on Feb. 26, and had a devastating loss to Howell. It was a very bittersweet for both our senior girls, and underclassmen.


Nolan looks to her teammate asking for the ball.

On Feb. 26 the Varsity girls basketball team had their senior night, held in the gym, to feature and honor our seniors. The score was 22 – 63 resulting in a devastating loss to Howell for our girls . Seniors Riley Wilson and Kaitlin Nolan felt the game wasn’t the best it could have been, but senior night in general was a very bittersweet night.

Nolan has been playing for four years and has made it to her senior year with a lot of changes, memories, and positive transitions.

“[My four years were] a great experience [I went from] having one coach, and then [I got] switched over to [a different coach] which was difficult at first but some of that [difficulty] made it that much better,” said Nolan. “You didn’t know what to expect, so it was kind of like you were on your toes the whole time and I loved it, it was a good four years.”

Wilson has also been playing for four years, and has gotten to her last and final year with many things to take with her, and a positive senior year.

“They have been really great I’ve loved [them], I wouldn’t take anything back,” said Wilson. “I like how [all of the years have] been.”

However, along with the positive emotions that came with senior night, the game itself was not as successful, and Wilson believes that the senior night may have been a reason for their poor score.

“I think [our emotions] did have an effect on us, I don’t think it was the main reason we played badly, but I do think a couple girls probably went in and were not as focused as we should have been,” said Wilson.

Nolan also feels that there were numerous reasons the game did not go as planned, and the sad, emotional senior night was definitely one of them.

“I think it was everything combined with who we were playing, the score, and the fact that it was our last home game,” said Nolan. “The other team shot very well… [and] it wasn’t that we played a bad game, we just didn’t play very well, or as well as we normally would.”

Both girls felt that their senior night had not gone as expected, and it was entirely different than those they had experienced in years past.

“Yes, definitely my senior night was probably the worst, emotional-wise,” said Nolan.

For Wilson, she felt that she went into the game differently because it was senior night

“I still was going to go in with a mentality to play hard, but it was a different atmosphere, obviously, because it was senior night,” said Wilson. “There was a lot of emotion, but I still tried to go in winning, with a winning spirit.”