Bonding in the midst of competition

    The Sensations place with their hip-hop routine at Nationals and State while growing together as a family.


    Taylor Tinnes

    Varsity sensations preforming in the fall at the homecoming pep assembly.

    The Varsity Sensations have ended their 2015-2016 season on a great foot. The girls placed 8th in hip-hop at Nationals and 2nd in hip-hop at State. Sadly, they didn’t place with their jazz routine at Nationals, but placed 7th in jazz at state.

    At the 2015 Nationals the Sensations placed 13th in hip-hop, meaning that this season they went up five places at Nationals which took place in Orlando, Florida, Jan 28- Feb 2.

    “I just think this year the dance was easier to like, last year the work theme was used a lot throughout the whole competition,” said senior captain Megan Butts. “This year with the money it was definitely a step up and we put in some new tricks.”

    Megan Butts was this years seniors captain, junior Bailey Van Beers was co-captain, and the officers were juniors Genevieve Vogel and Sidney Brasher. Van Beers was very proud of her team and is looking forward to next season.

    “When you walk through the castle at Nationals, it’s like the world stops. You walk through and it’s like an arena full of thousands of people and you’re looking up and you’re holding hands with your 19 sisters,” said Van Beers. “It’s one of the best things.”

    The girls attended state February 20 and were very happy with their 2nd place win in the hip-hop section of the competition, and 7th in jazz.

    “We haven’t placed in jazz in two years,” said senior Anna Armstrong. “After we had Nationals we pretty much knew what we needed to do, and then we had practice and got it done.”

    Not only did the girls improve with dance, but they also became more of a family and worked together a lot better this season.

    “I think overall this year we were a lot more connected, we had a better connection between the team and I think we had more of a thrive,” said senior Alyssa Hake. “We got a new coach this year, her name is Amanda Bond. She was really awesome, she brought in a new aspect and different look to the team.”

    Amanda Bond is a sixth grade english teacher at Mary Emily Bryan middle school. She is a returning Sensation, and is officially the assistant coach of the Sensations.

    “I truly believe that I bleed blue and silver, and I am passionate about dance. As an alum to FHC and the Sensations dance team, there was no other team that I wanted to coach for,” said Bond. “It gives me so much pride to be able to return to the halls of Central, and coach a dance team that I loved being a part of when I was in high school.”