LuAnne Scott

It is rare to find a teacher who can make a mandatory science subject fun. It takes a special teacher who can combine note taking, worksheets and labs to make a daily science period enjoyable.

Her hands-on approach to teaching is what has allow me to endure the first semester of her class so I could get to the more enjoyable second semester. Her way of teaching allows many of her students, including me, to get through the more boring parts of the year, which she will point out at the beginning of the unit.

She also makes an effort to keep her classes up to date on how well they are doing. It is not an uncommon occurrence for her to show the class the average of the most recent tests compared to the averages of previous years. Most of her students see this as positive encouragement, whether it be that they have done better than previous years or that they need to step up their game to do so.

As well as her hands-on teaching style, she also makes the class personal by sharing her personal stories when they relate to the lesson or time of year. She recounts when she lived in a haunted house in the country and when she went scuba diving in Hawaii, as well as many other stories.

It is for these reasons that I wish to recognize Mrs. LuAnne Scott for teacher appreciation week.